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Fiberego by Mikem Chemical has had proven achievements in making fibers for 36 years. We excel in supplying polypropylene mono-filament fibers, mesh fibers, polyvinyl alcohol fibers, glued steel fibers, and macro fibers, etc. By improving the functions of raw materials, we have added considerable value to our products. The shipping rate of our products has maintained a leading record of on-time delivery. We combined economic success with environmental protection and social duty. With great R & D team, we are always ready to offer you the top-class services in no time.
Fiberego’s target is clean and clear: to optimize your purchase experience. Polypropylene fibers under the name of Fiberego have seen wide range of applications in civil construction, bridges, water conservancy, and in-house engineering. Our team will work with you to help manage your shifting inventory needs, optimize your budget, and ensure on time deliveries. Welcome to contact us.
Independent Innovation Ability

Fiberego regards innovation as its supreme mission. We always respond to various needs of customers and adapt to the trends of the market. To this end, we are equipped with independent laboratories and professional technical engineers to relentlessly develop new solutions and improve the existing products.

We work with customer to promptly solve any problems they raise to help them develop our business. At the same time, we connect suppliers, develops with implements, and upgrade existing techniques.

Focus On Sustainable Development

When it comes to environmental protection, we have a strong sense of social responsibility. Fiberego cares about the climate and promotes the circular economy: manufacturing equipment to save energy and lessen emissions, using renewable energy, avoiding the discharge of untreated sewage and wastes.

Our factory is furnished with all mandatory government permits or certificates. Well-designed equipment and precise installation ensure safe production. At Fiberego, the products we developed are conductive to creating an environmentally-friendly society. At the stage of R&D, our fundamental criterion is to produce fibers that meet eco-friendly standards.

Join us on the way to carbon reduction.

Golden Rules

Our golden rule: integrity first. We act with integrity, trust, and invincibility.

Pursue excellence. We will relentlessly pursue perfection because nothing is perfect. We will pursue it relentlessly until we are flawless.

Team spirit: better together. Our value: caring for each member.

The Founding Team of Fiberego Includes Product Technology, R&D, Materials, and Mechanical Engineers.

Advanced Equipment Support

In our modernized laboratory, we can conduct physical and chemical tests from raw materials to finished products. While reducing raw material waste, we also shortened production processes and improved existing products. We constantly develop new products and new applications. In addition, our product also allows the testing and evaluation of tensile strength, ultimate elongation, safety, and melting point according to all common standards.

Professional R&D Team

With the implementation of the R&D center, we supported impetuous growth of civil construction, bridges, tunnels, water conservancy high-speed rail, and other industries. This confirms our commitment as a reliable partner of our customers to provide the most valuable support for the impetuous growth of the fiber market.

Fiberego carefully selected raw materials for procurement. At the factory, we strictly audited the best qualified and well-known suppliers as our raw material suppliers. We carefully inspected each batch of raw materials and tested different ingredients to ensure that our products have a stable and consistent performance.

We Have The Best Team

Well-trained employees are Fiberego's most crucial asset. We have more than 100 production personnel, with the extensive training opportunities guaranteeing their high-level qualifications. In addition, Fiberego provides continuous training programs for all departments of the company to ensure that we introduce and train outstanding employees.

Our global activities are concentrated on civil construction, bridges and tunnels, water conservancy high-speed rail, and other fields.

We provide high-performance polypropylene fibers, polyvinyl alcohol fibers, polypropylene mesh fibers, glued steel fibers, and macro fibers for these markets. Thanks to our team, we can meet the most stringent industry standards and provide the most flexible solutions to satisfy a wide range of customers’ needs.

Fiberego Brand

Fiberego is a global manufacturer and supplier of fibers. We offer various types of fibers and modified products under the fiberego brand.

Our headquarter locates in Dallas, USA, with manufacturing plants, regional offices, and warehouses in China. Our US headquarters emphasize business development in the US domestic market. In 2020, we set up an Asia-Pacific headquarters in Shandong, China, responsible for market development and procurement support for the international market.

At Fiberego, our mission is to produce innovative solutions. To this end, we are equipped with independent laboratories and professional technical engineers to develop new solutions and improve existing products. Our technical support team is always ready to work with our customers to solve any problems and help them with their business.

Contact Information


Mikem Chemical Ltd. Co.

Location : 5955 Alpha Rd #1209 Dallas, TX 75240

E-mail : (US R&D office)


Mikem Chemical (Shandong) Co., Ltd

Location : Jinan International Trade Center,Gangxingyuan Road, Shandong

E-mail : (China office)

Phone : +86 53187919350

At Fiberego, our mission is to produce innovative solutions. Our technical support team is always ready to work with you to solve any problems and help you with your business.

+8653187919350 (China office) (US R&D office)

Headquarter: 5955 Alpha Rd #1209 Dallas, TX 75240

Branch: Jinan International Trade Center,Gangxingyuan Road, Shandong

A true business partner.

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